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Scalist is a new software development business, built around providing you with cutting-edge desktop applications.


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We have developed a sleek, flexible and open-source HUD for Garry's Mod called ClouderHud.


We host dedicated gaming servers for a varity of games. We boast low-latancy servers with professinal staff.


About ClouderHud

ClouderHud is a brand new, open-source, sleek Hud for Garry's Mod. It can be used on Sandbox or DarkRP game modes at this time. ClouderHud is designed to be lightweight, sleek and very easy to edit. In the source files of ClouderHud, we have given a brief explanation of what each line does and it's purpose.


About ScalistServers

ScalistServers is a new competitor to the gaming server business. We offer completely custom content with the lowest latency to ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible. You can view our catalog of gaming servers in more detail with the buttons below.

As we host our servers in-house, our IP address is the same across all servers. If you would like to connect to any, please use the IP:

Low Latency

ScalistServers offer low latency gaming servers so that you can play the fast-paced action without getting left in the dust.

Modded Servers

All of our servers are modded to ensure that you have the best multiplayer experience possible.

Our Servers (

ScalistServers TF2

Our premier server is currently our Team Fortress 2 server! With high tickrate for precise aim & quick respawns, we are sure you will love it!

Our Staff


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